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As part of our Build Your Own process, we require that you get stoned with us. We have have been diligently building our sapphire collection to have some of the tastiest offerings out there.  We have also partnered with our friends at Misfit Diamonds to bring you a wide variety of exceptional and unique diamonds. We have separated the collections below to make the hunt for the perfect stone more straight forward. 

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We have a saying around here, “there’s a sapphire for that”. Sapphires come in a wide variety of colors and possess a fascinating variety of interesting characteristics. We carry pretty much every color sapphire, please click here for the main sapphire feed.

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Looking for a Diamond? You have the entire Misfit Diamonds catalog at your fingertips. We have sorted these into a few main collections for you below or head to the main feed to browse all of the stones.

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