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ANZA gems creates a transparent, traceable journey from the mines of East Africa to you. The journey of an ANZA gem is not only a rich story, but also creates a circle of development beginning with fair trade prices paid in East Africa, continued by supporting independent artisans who facet our gems and create our custom jewelry, and ultimately reinvesting 10% of sales to education and other initiatives supporting gem communities. This includes education at the primary level, as well as at the jewelry trade level with vocational schools teaching Africans marketable skills of gem cutting, grading and sorting.  Our goal is to have East Africans facet their own gems, design their own jewelry, and fully participate in the global gemstone trade.

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Loose Stones

All loose stones must be purchased with a setting - no exceptions. We source stones from some of our favorite stone cutters, industry leading suppliers, and we even cut rough stones in house.

Click on a stone to learn more about its special characteristics and sourcing. Choose a setting to match your stone from our ring settings section.  Please check the “stone pairings” tab on each ring setting to see what shapes will work with your favorite ring.

Anza Gems Collection
Montana Sapphire Collection

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Montana Sapphires

Our personal collection of Montana Sapphires. We carry stones from El Dorado Bar which are often unheated. We also carry stones from Rock Creek which are often heated to bring out the deep blues and teals, but we do have a few stones that have not been heated, please see the descriptions. If we do not have the exact stone you are looking for, please send us an email and we will do our best to source it for you with one of our suppliers.

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Ready To Ship

A mixed selection of items ready to ship. Rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants and chains.

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Ring Settings

Each Precious Ghost mounting can be adjusted to fit a wide range of stones from our Loose Stone Collection. Once you purchase your set, we will adjust the design to accomodate your stone choice and send digital renderings for your review. You can learn more about our process here.

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Signet Rings

Classic heirloom signet rings made with carefully chosen curated gemstones cut in house.

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Stones By Precious Ghost

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